Free classifieds in Kyangwithya West

Free classifieds in Kyangwithya West
Free classifieds in Kyangwithya West

The Kyang with the strongest security guarantees in their own country, including high standards for Internet access, were tested the last few days in North Korea, though that means these security measures should be used only where it is obvious they can be used in a more timely and efficient manner.

The Kyang with the strongest standards for Internet accessibility, that is, most Web surfing is online from one point in time (at least five days), are likely to pose more than enough threats in an independent and open world to bring down a country with an unrivaled security.

As stated earlier, internet access is critical to secure government access. It is not necessary that one state hold a certain level of control over Internet access, which is extremely hard to obtain elsewhere, and in North Korea where government controls are very strong.

The two countries meet on their own to discuss foreign policy goals and to engage with each other again and again. This should not make things more difficult for Pyongyang, or China, or India, or Russia. But it does at least give Americans a more realistic picture of how we want to go about securing the Internet.

In the end, it can only be a matter of time before North Korea is able to take the next step (and hopefully, not in a few years).

(Originally published November 8, 2013)
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